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Classical Feng Shui
is an earth art-science that harmonizes one with the subtle forces of nature. It is a method of conscious spatial design that employs time-proven methods for the productive movement of the earth's energies. It supports a productive and satisfying life, especially during changing times.

Classical Feng Shui's balanced energy inspires healthy living. It provides the energy for awareness, inner peace, happiness, health and sustainable results.

Green ~ Wood is Growth, Leadership, Change

As individuals and organizations live balanced lives in balanced environments, they bring the essence to their daily lives. In turn, they naturally contribute to creating a healthy and productive society. The effect ripples out.

A wise sailor charts a course to travel swiftly to a destination. He analyzes the elements of nature to catch the most favorable winds. A Feng Shui Master assists in creating a favorable flow to support and inspire a rewarding life.

Feng Shui Dental Office Entrance

The work applies to all situations. Every person, organization, space and situation can benefit.

Classical Feng Shui is practical, somewhat philosophical and very powerful. It works!


  • Life and business enhancement
  • Personal harmony and stress reduction
  • Strengthen health and finances
  • Family harmony
  • Business identity
  • Career, job or life change
  • Accelerate a life transition and real estate sale
  • New home or office selection

Space Planning and Design
Personal and Business

  • Site selection and plan
  • New building design
  • Interior and exterior design
  • Existing space redesign

Clients Jim Loretta and Patti Biehler

One-time or by project.

Stand-alone or integrated with Land Planning, Architectural, Interior Design or Green Building Design.

Gift Certificates available.

Gap International Corporate Headquarters

North Carolina Property Development Project

The Investment

Call for a complimentary estimate.

Personal and residential by project or hourly.

Business, commercial and new construction by sq. ft.

Visa/MasterCard available

Energy:  Growth, Leadership, Change, New Beginnings

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consulting melani testimonials/clients home

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