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Awareness:  Sun, Mountain, Water

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Experience Optimal Living. . .

Traditional methods of Awareness and Classical Feng Shui offer great possibility to enhance, expand, stabilize and bring a new vitality to your business and life.

Green ~ Wood is Growth, Leadership, Change

Classical Feng Shui is used by entrepreneurs and businesses as Virgin Atlantic, Coca-Cola and The Body Shop to support employee and business success.

Research at leading medical institutions as Duke, Harvard and MIT shows measurable results with mindfulness and awareness methods for stress reduction and personal wellness and success.

Green ~ Wood is Growth, Leadership, Change

Is your life rewarding and your business thriving? Are you clear and productive? Are you happy, healthy and prosperous?

Call or Email to learn how Awareness ~ Classical Feng Shui can enhance your life!

Road To Success

Awareness . . . Vitality . . . Results

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Dr. Robert S. Kravitz, D.D.S. Gap International, Inc. Craig and Lynda Lerch, Jr. Gap International, Inc. North Carolina Skyline

Porsche ~ Christophorus and PanStadia Where Melani Has Been Featured

"My changed awareness regarding space, its effects on health, wealth and spirit has made a tremendous difference in my life."
"We are up in business 46% from the year before."
"Within 6 weeks, things advanced tenfold."
"We immediately felt a difference. We love our home and now are able to enjoy our time spent there."
"Our interpersonal communication level has increased, our staff morale has gone up, and our staff tensions are practically non-existent."
"By the time I was done painting the room, I knew I was in remission."
"I have always found myself and career in a better place after consulting Melani."
"Working by phone and email at a distance of 1,500 miles, I was able to clear multiple areas of my life, making progress in relationships and career after only one session."
"Thank you for your support, and as I celebrate my 54th birthday in two weeks, I know the best is yet to come."

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Melani Lewandowski, M.S.

Energy:  Growth, Leadership, Change, New Beginnings

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